Piano & Accompanist 

Nadine Eichhorn

Nadine Eichhorn loves teaching beginning and intermediate level students of all ages. She started teaching on Saturdays as a teenager and has continued part-time ever since. She is adamant about teaching the basics: good sightreading, rhythm and technique. But especially important is her hope to ignite -- in each student -- love of the beauty and power of music. This love of music and of course the love of playing the piano herself evolved gradually and has truly enhanced her life; she only wonders at the magnitude. She is innately timid, but performance and teaching has given her self-confidence as well as purpose.

Growing up, Nadine accompanied violinists in her family as well as accompanied public school choirs. She played hymns for an adult Sunday School class as a young teen, and for a local church's Bible School many summers. She played solos occasionally in recitals as well as other private or public events.

Nadine attended and graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, with a Bachelors of Music degree from the College of Fine Arts, which included studying with several superb piano professors as well as accompanying numerous student vocalists and instrumentalists. She has been a church musician (as pianist and sometimes organist) for over 10 years each at two different Methodist Churches in Rutherford County as well as short-term at other churches. She is currently playing at three different churches on weekends. Nadine encourages children (via their parents) and anyone of any age who has ever wanted to play the piano (or continue from the past) to take at least a few lessons! As individuals we have different levels of musical gifts, and it is surely worth a try. One may otherwise never know this exceedingly great joy!